The heartbreak of first love of the four-wheel variety.  But a Camaro is worth the heartache.

The other night my bride and I were wondering into Mi Cocina when this fetching beauty caught my eye.  As an aside, one benefit of a car obsession is that sidelong, leering glances do not get you into quite as much trouble when the object of affection has four wheels as opposed to two.

Anyway, it was a stunning car but what really caught my eye was the car’s similarity to my brother Scott’s first lover, same general vintage and almost exactly the same color. I immediately texted Scott a picture. In about two seconds he responded that the car in the picture was a 1967 Camaro, not a 1968 like his was. He could tell because the ’67 had vent windows and the ’68 did not.  He also reminded me that his ride featured a rare Muncie “Rock Crusher” transmission.  So if I have an obsession, I am not sure how to characterize Scott. I will just go with “extremely knowledgeable.”

Like my first loves, though, there was tragedy involved.  Almost immediately after Scott got the car to the point of perfection, he wrecked it.  From that point on his transportation has been decidedly more utilitarian. But I know Scott’s dream lives on.   His list of lottery winnings’ purchases starts with a 1968 Rally Sport with a Muncie Rock Crusher transmission. Which he will take for very careful Sunday afternoon drives.

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