Fifty-four years on the planet should be enough to learn something but I am just as baffled as ever.  Maybe writing down my fleeting and jumbled thoughts will sort it all out?  Even if not, the exercise might prove entertaining. So here is my take on life in the 21st century from the perspective of the little blue pill generation.

Take a look around and chime  in where the spirit moves you. My hope is that Tales From an Empty Nest can be a community of the like minded.   All comments, tweets, likes, shares, pins, follows, favorites and most of all, submissions (see the Contact info below), are welcome.


I am Steve Howen, the site proprietor. Married to M'Lissa and with two lovely grown children, Kelsey and Kendall.  Kelsey is a pediatric physical therapist at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston. She recently married  Warren and appears to be fully launched on her own adventure. Kendall majors in chemical engineering and runs cross country/track for the University of Alabama. 

M'Lissa was my high school sweetheart. We married young in hopes of winning the anniversary dance contest at some point in the future. On June 30th we will be up to 31 years, so we are making progress. It must be genetic because M'Lissa's parents may retire the trophy--at ages 89 and 92 respectively, Gerry and Russell Bradford will be married 70 years come December 7, 2015.  My parents, Judy and Bob, have been married a mere 55 years. 

M'Lissa is a public school educator. After years of teaching she completed her masters degree in administration last December.  She wants to be a school principal, but there are still some steps to that goal. I am an attorney specializing in complex business litigation.  I will try to keep to myself all but the most fascinating of tales from my professional endeavors.

My general thesis on life is this: Life is bat shit crazy.  Disaster lurks around every corner. Murphy's Law rules.  But being born an American in the middle of the 20th century was like hitting the DNA jackpot when one considers the alternative places and times my being could have materialized.  So while I observe the absurdities, I try to do so from a place of optimism and gratitude.



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